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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Buzzing Life Insurance

Is life insurance important? Or let me rephrase, are you fully aware of all the benefits of a life insurance policy?

I have heard many people saying life insurance has no meaning. Who wants money when the person is already dead? Well, the purpose of life insurance is to protect those who are living. That is why it is called life insurance, not death insurance!

Life insurance can solve many problems. For example, a father, with a housewife and 3 children, left. What is left is a pile of bills for the family. Who is going to bear them? Let life insurance do the job.

A rich man left no cash but a piece of big real estate worth over $3 million. His son inherits the estate, but cannot afford to pay the estate duty. Should he under-sell the real estate in haste for $1.5 million just to get some fast money to pay the estate duty? Well, let insurance do the job!

Both the father and the rich man should have bought an insurance policy. They need to protect those who are still living after their death. Make sense?

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beartoes said...

You could not be more right in this piece. Protect the living. Very good to use the policy to pay off the taxes on the inheritance, very cleaver. low cost term life insurance quote

arronbond said...

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