Saturday, April 07, 2007

Buzzing, another furniture website, has one of the best domain name that sticks easily into my brain. It has a huge range of furnitures, everything from your bed room to framed art. Price wise, very low.

A Nostalgic Oak Jewelry Armoire from Powell furniture will look like:

- Free standing jewelry armoire with Queen Anne legs
- Detailed carvings on the face of the armoire
- Flip top mirror opens to reveal a lined and divided jewelry compartment
- Five drawers and swing out doors with hooks provide plenty of space to hold your jewelry and accessories
- Black lining on doors and drawers are a perfect compliment to the rich Nostalgic Oak finish
- Jewelry Armoire
- Delivery to a Garage or First Dry Area
Weights & Dimensions
- 44 Lbs
- 16 1/2"(W) x 11 3/8"(D) x 39 5/8"(H)
- Traditional
- Nostalgic Oak
- MDF Wood

It accepts major credit cards and ships using UPS.

Buzzing ClubFurniture

I never knew someone will actually go online to shop for furnitures until I found The site has a huge catalog of furnitures that you can order online and delivered to your door step.

For example, a Brooke Fabric Queen Sleeper Sofas:

Fabric upholstered queen sleeper sofa dimensions W88" x D40" x H39". Sleeper mattress dimensions W60" X L72" X H5." Available in 51 assorted fabric and 2 distinct leg color choices!

Seat Height 19.5"/Arm Ht. 27.5"
Kiln Dried Hardwood Frame
Available In A Variety Of Fabrics
Guaranteed "No-Sag" Springs
Removable/Zippered Seats/Backs
5.25 Inch Kingsdown® Mattress
Carefully Hand-Crafted In N.C.

The site is quite amazing with its wide range of furnitures and detailed specification. I have not thoroughly compared the price yet, but they seem to worth every penny charged.

Buzzing Sound Therapy

We all know listening to Alpha sound waves while studying or working increases our brain's focus and efficiency. Sound therapy has been around for some time, especially effective in boosting your focus, work or study performance, and even put you to sleep.

However, it is not easy to find music or songs that can produce the exact waves that we want. Brookstone is a place you can buy sound machines that can output such frequencies.

Some of the features you can expect to get:

  • White noise machine includes 12 preprogrammed sounds.
  • Exclusive Sleep Enhancement Technology™ gradually slows playback speed over a 20-minute period to lull you to sleep.
  • 30-, 60-, 90- minute auto shut off.
  • Includes headphone jack.

  • You can also search around the site for more information on Sound Therapy.

    Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    Buzzing Las Vegas Condo

    Ever thought of buying a condo in Trump Tower? offers a wide range of Las Vegas luxury condos, including One Queensridge Place, Trump Tower, Sky Las Vegas, Turnberry Place, Allure Las Vegas, Metropolis Lofts, Panorma Towers, Brickwater and Sullivan Square!

    I am not staying anywhere near Las Vegas. Staying there sounds good to me. offers a lot of information regarding condominiums in Las Vegas, from Mid Rise Village Condo to High Rise Luxury Condos. Have time? learn more!

    Buzzing Metabofire

    Set your metabolism on fire! This is what I saw when I visited It offers a proprietary blend containing a clinically proven formula that provides a powerful metabolism boost and increases energy so you can feel better while dropping the weight.

    The best part about Metabofire is that it gives diet trial. For only $4+ shipping cost, you can get a sample for free. It receives quite some testimonials from the public.

    If you are trying to lose weight, this can be what you are looking for. Try give them a call to find out more.

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    Buzzing Water Filter

    Sun, water, air, the 3 core elements of life, are now polluted. If not treated, they become the 3 core poisons of life. While we can't do much about sun and air, we can still take care of the water we drink everyday.

    There are all sorts of water filters nowadays, ranging from normal micro filters to membrane filters. But, have you seen water bottle filter?

    As the name suggests, the filter is directly attached to your water bottle. Every time you drink, the water is filtered on the fly. They are good at chlorine, taste, and odor reduction. Check them out!

    Buzzing MemoryStore

    I have been thinking of adding memory to my computer. It looks like if you are going to run Dreamweaver, Firefox, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator side by side, 1gb of memory will still lag! I need a computer memory upgrade.

    MemoryStore probably ends my rant. First off, it is easy to search for the current type of memory that my machine in running on. Secondly, it offers free shipping, lifetime warranty and most importantly, money back guarantee.

    The search function on MemoryStore is really useful. After choosing your current memory, it gives a list of possible upgrades. Their memory in store is compatible with major brands like Dell, Apple, Gateway, Sony, IBM and Sun.

    Buzzing Car Insurance

    In my previous post I talked about the importance of life insurance. Car insurance is as important. Most of us spend a big part of our life driving. We are exposed to the risk.

    "If there is a risk, there should be a hedge."

    The premium payment for car insurance is usually way cheaper than life insurance, and it is usually cheaper than the car's maintenance cost. It makes sense to sign up for one if you have not already. Should anything happen while you are in the car that causes liability, you have nothing to worry about, since you have transfered the risk to car insurance company.

    Nowadays, you can get car insurance quote easily from the internet. Try to get as many as you can and compare. You will find one that suit your driving style the most.

    Buzzing Life Insurance

    Is life insurance important? Or let me rephrase, are you fully aware of all the benefits of a life insurance policy?

    I have heard many people saying life insurance has no meaning. Who wants money when the person is already dead? Well, the purpose of life insurance is to protect those who are living. That is why it is called life insurance, not death insurance!

    Life insurance can solve many problems. For example, a father, with a housewife and 3 children, left. What is left is a pile of bills for the family. Who is going to bear them? Let life insurance do the job.

    A rich man left no cash but a piece of big real estate worth over $3 million. His son inherits the estate, but cannot afford to pay the estate duty. Should he under-sell the real estate in haste for $1.5 million just to get some fast money to pay the estate duty? Well, let insurance do the job!

    Both the father and the rich man should have bought an insurance policy. They need to protect those who are still living after their death. Make sense?


    Amsterdam has always been a great place for vacation. In case you are looking for accommodation in Amsterdam, or any other part of Netherlands, try

    EasyToBook is famous for the deep discounts it gives over a huge variety of hotels. Current promotion centers around Amsterdam and Barcelona hotels.

    Hotel of the month, Park Plaza Victoria Hotel, a 4-star hotel, is going for only $99 (double room). It is located in the heart of the bustling shopping and business centre, opposite Amsterdam's monumental train station, close to Dam Square and Royal Palace.

    EasyToBook has an Advanced Search feature, which allows you to easily find hotels that meet your need, according to your input on date, place, stars, room types and facilities.

    You can also use its EasyMapSearch to search for hotels in an area you want to stay.

    Good job, EasyToBook!

    Tuesday, April 03, 2007

    Buzzing Human Clock

    We have clock of all sorts. Recently, people decided to have a human clock.

    If you have time, you can try this at home. Make sure you do them on a mattress. Falling can hurt.

    In fact, there are some of the poses that I do not quite understand how they made it. For example the "3" and "7". Maybe someone can share with me.

    BuzzBadge to Human Clock.

    Monday, March 26, 2007

    Buzzing Free Dating Site

    When it first started, dating sites requires members to subscribe and pay monthly. However, the competition becomes stiff, making new startups have no choice but to give free entry.

    One of the very successful online dating site is PlentyOfFish, which the owner started it off from home, one person, and grew it to a big business, earning him hundreds of thousands of advertisement revenue every month.

    Another will be JustSayHi, similar to Plentyoffish, it is also a free online dating site, but looks more professional, organized and eye catching.

    Time to check them out for yourself.

    Friday, March 09, 2007

    Buzzing Elance

    Are you a:
    1) Webmaster
    2) Graphic Designer
    3) Writer
    4) Business Consultant
    5) Programmer?

    If yes, you can make some extra cash for yourself by sourcing projects on Elance is a freelancer website where people post their jobs to get freelancers to finish them. If you have what they need, you can bid on the projects and make some money.

    Elance is probably the largest site of its kind, with the most numbers of freelance writers providing their services. Of course, it works the other way round too. If you need help with softwares, graphic designs and the like, you can buy their service there.

    Elance adopts a feedback rating system similar to Ebay. After every transaction, service buyer will rate the provider and vice versa. So, it is safe to transact with those who have a high rating.

    When it comes to paying your provider, you can have your payment escrowed by Elance. In this case, you will pay Elance. Once you receive your deliverables, you will notify Elance to release the payment to the provider. This will minimize most fraud.

    Looking for a way to make more money? Or you need some jobs done? Elance is your solution.

    BuzzBadge to MailBigFiles

    You want to attach a file but your mail service tells you "Your file is too big". What can you do?

    YouSendIt can help you send your blog files to anyone in the world with an email address. You can send a file up to 100MB in size.

    Alternatively, you can use MailBigFiles. The interface is simple and it allows you to send any file up to the size of 512MB, which is 5 times more than YouSendIt!

    Gmail is good enough to handle most of my attachments. But if I cannot make it work, I usually use YouSendIt, until I found out MailBigFiles recently. It is always good to have another great service under my belt.

    BuzzBadge to Make A Feed

    Blog usually comes with an RSS feed. What if you have a website? Or you have a few pages you want to have feed on? Similar to PonyFish, Make A Feed can generate a feed for you in an instant.

    How can you use a feed?
    1) You want to trace the changes of a blog, but the blog do not have an RSS feed.
    2) You want to track new lyrics added to a lyrics directory, but again, it does not have a feed address.
    3) You want to track the changes to Terms of Service of a company, such as Google Adsense.
    4) You want to track an announcement board.
    5) You want to get all the updates in your RSS reader.

    I am sure there are more ways to use a feed. I found using feed to track Terms and Conditions pages most useful, since we normally do not check those pages frequently after we agreed on them.

    BuzzBadge to MakeAFeed!

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