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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Buzzing, another furniture website, has one of the best domain name that sticks easily into my brain. It has a huge range of furnitures, everything from your bed room to framed art. Price wise, very low.

A Nostalgic Oak Jewelry Armoire from Powell furniture will look like:

- Free standing jewelry armoire with Queen Anne legs
- Detailed carvings on the face of the armoire
- Flip top mirror opens to reveal a lined and divided jewelry compartment
- Five drawers and swing out doors with hooks provide plenty of space to hold your jewelry and accessories
- Black lining on doors and drawers are a perfect compliment to the rich Nostalgic Oak finish
- Jewelry Armoire
- Delivery to a Garage or First Dry Area
Weights & Dimensions
- 44 Lbs
- 16 1/2"(W) x 11 3/8"(D) x 39 5/8"(H)
- Traditional
- Nostalgic Oak
- MDF Wood

It accepts major credit cards and ships using UPS.

Buzzing ClubFurniture

I never knew someone will actually go online to shop for furnitures until I found The site has a huge catalog of furnitures that you can order online and delivered to your door step.

For example, a Brooke Fabric Queen Sleeper Sofas:

Fabric upholstered queen sleeper sofa dimensions W88" x D40" x H39". Sleeper mattress dimensions W60" X L72" X H5." Available in 51 assorted fabric and 2 distinct leg color choices!

Seat Height 19.5"/Arm Ht. 27.5"
Kiln Dried Hardwood Frame
Available In A Variety Of Fabrics
Guaranteed "No-Sag" Springs
Removable/Zippered Seats/Backs
5.25 Inch Kingsdown® Mattress
Carefully Hand-Crafted In N.C.

The site is quite amazing with its wide range of furnitures and detailed specification. I have not thoroughly compared the price yet, but they seem to worth every penny charged.

Buzzing Sound Therapy

We all know listening to Alpha sound waves while studying or working increases our brain's focus and efficiency. Sound therapy has been around for some time, especially effective in boosting your focus, work or study performance, and even put you to sleep.

However, it is not easy to find music or songs that can produce the exact waves that we want. Brookstone is a place you can buy sound machines that can output such frequencies.

Some of the features you can expect to get:

  • White noise machine includes 12 preprogrammed sounds.
  • Exclusive Sleep Enhancement Technology™ gradually slows playback speed over a 20-minute period to lull you to sleep.
  • 30-, 60-, 90- minute auto shut off.
  • Includes headphone jack.

  • You can also search around the site for more information on Sound Therapy.

    Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    Buzzing Las Vegas Condo

    Ever thought of buying a condo in Trump Tower? offers a wide range of Las Vegas luxury condos, including One Queensridge Place, Trump Tower, Sky Las Vegas, Turnberry Place, Allure Las Vegas, Metropolis Lofts, Panorma Towers, Brickwater and Sullivan Square!

    I am not staying anywhere near Las Vegas. Staying there sounds good to me. offers a lot of information regarding condominiums in Las Vegas, from Mid Rise Village Condo to High Rise Luxury Condos. Have time? learn more!

    Buzzing Metabofire

    Set your metabolism on fire! This is what I saw when I visited It offers a proprietary blend containing a clinically proven formula that provides a powerful metabolism boost and increases energy so you can feel better while dropping the weight.

    The best part about Metabofire is that it gives diet trial. For only $4+ shipping cost, you can get a sample for free. It receives quite some testimonials from the public.

    If you are trying to lose weight, this can be what you are looking for. Try give them a call to find out more.

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    Buzzing Water Filter

    Sun, water, air, the 3 core elements of life, are now polluted. If not treated, they become the 3 core poisons of life. While we can't do much about sun and air, we can still take care of the water we drink everyday.

    There are all sorts of water filters nowadays, ranging from normal micro filters to membrane filters. But, have you seen water bottle filter?

    As the name suggests, the filter is directly attached to your water bottle. Every time you drink, the water is filtered on the fly. They are good at chlorine, taste, and odor reduction. Check them out!

    Buzzing MemoryStore

    I have been thinking of adding memory to my computer. It looks like if you are going to run Dreamweaver, Firefox, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator side by side, 1gb of memory will still lag! I need a computer memory upgrade.

    MemoryStore probably ends my rant. First off, it is easy to search for the current type of memory that my machine in running on. Secondly, it offers free shipping, lifetime warranty and most importantly, money back guarantee.

    The search function on MemoryStore is really useful. After choosing your current memory, it gives a list of possible upgrades. Their memory in store is compatible with major brands like Dell, Apple, Gateway, Sony, IBM and Sun.

    Buzzing Car Insurance

    In my previous post I talked about the importance of life insurance. Car insurance is as important. Most of us spend a big part of our life driving. We are exposed to the risk.

    "If there is a risk, there should be a hedge."

    The premium payment for car insurance is usually way cheaper than life insurance, and it is usually cheaper than the car's maintenance cost. It makes sense to sign up for one if you have not already. Should anything happen while you are in the car that causes liability, you have nothing to worry about, since you have transfered the risk to car insurance company.

    Nowadays, you can get car insurance quote easily from the internet. Try to get as many as you can and compare. You will find one that suit your driving style the most.

    Buzzing Life Insurance

    Is life insurance important? Or let me rephrase, are you fully aware of all the benefits of a life insurance policy?

    I have heard many people saying life insurance has no meaning. Who wants money when the person is already dead? Well, the purpose of life insurance is to protect those who are living. That is why it is called life insurance, not death insurance!

    Life insurance can solve many problems. For example, a father, with a housewife and 3 children, left. What is left is a pile of bills for the family. Who is going to bear them? Let life insurance do the job.

    A rich man left no cash but a piece of big real estate worth over $3 million. His son inherits the estate, but cannot afford to pay the estate duty. Should he under-sell the real estate in haste for $1.5 million just to get some fast money to pay the estate duty? Well, let insurance do the job!

    Both the father and the rich man should have bought an insurance policy. They need to protect those who are still living after their death. Make sense?


    Amsterdam has always been a great place for vacation. In case you are looking for accommodation in Amsterdam, or any other part of Netherlands, try

    EasyToBook is famous for the deep discounts it gives over a huge variety of hotels. Current promotion centers around Amsterdam and Barcelona hotels.

    Hotel of the month, Park Plaza Victoria Hotel, a 4-star hotel, is going for only $99 (double room). It is located in the heart of the bustling shopping and business centre, opposite Amsterdam's monumental train station, close to Dam Square and Royal Palace.

    EasyToBook has an Advanced Search feature, which allows you to easily find hotels that meet your need, according to your input on date, place, stars, room types and facilities.

    You can also use its EasyMapSearch to search for hotels in an area you want to stay.

    Good job, EasyToBook!

    Tuesday, April 03, 2007

    Buzzing Human Clock

    We have clock of all sorts. Recently, people decided to have a human clock.

    If you have time, you can try this at home. Make sure you do them on a mattress. Falling can hurt.

    In fact, there are some of the poses that I do not quite understand how they made it. For example the "3" and "7". Maybe someone can share with me.

    BuzzBadge to Human Clock.

    Monday, March 26, 2007

    Buzzing Free Dating Site

    When it first started, dating sites requires members to subscribe and pay monthly. However, the competition becomes stiff, making new startups have no choice but to give free entry.

    One of the very successful online dating site is PlentyOfFish, which the owner started it off from home, one person, and grew it to a big business, earning him hundreds of thousands of advertisement revenue every month.

    Another will be JustSayHi, similar to Plentyoffish, it is also a free online dating site, but looks more professional, organized and eye catching.

    Time to check them out for yourself.

    Friday, March 09, 2007

    Buzzing Elance

    Are you a:
    1) Webmaster
    2) Graphic Designer
    3) Writer
    4) Business Consultant
    5) Programmer?

    If yes, you can make some extra cash for yourself by sourcing projects on Elance is a freelancer website where people post their jobs to get freelancers to finish them. If you have what they need, you can bid on the projects and make some money.

    Elance is probably the largest site of its kind, with the most numbers of freelance writers providing their services. Of course, it works the other way round too. If you need help with softwares, graphic designs and the like, you can buy their service there.

    Elance adopts a feedback rating system similar to Ebay. After every transaction, service buyer will rate the provider and vice versa. So, it is safe to transact with those who have a high rating.

    When it comes to paying your provider, you can have your payment escrowed by Elance. In this case, you will pay Elance. Once you receive your deliverables, you will notify Elance to release the payment to the provider. This will minimize most fraud.

    Looking for a way to make more money? Or you need some jobs done? Elance is your solution.

    BuzzBadge to MailBigFiles

    You want to attach a file but your mail service tells you "Your file is too big". What can you do?

    YouSendIt can help you send your blog files to anyone in the world with an email address. You can send a file up to 100MB in size.

    Alternatively, you can use MailBigFiles. The interface is simple and it allows you to send any file up to the size of 512MB, which is 5 times more than YouSendIt!

    Gmail is good enough to handle most of my attachments. But if I cannot make it work, I usually use YouSendIt, until I found out MailBigFiles recently. It is always good to have another great service under my belt.

    BuzzBadge to Make A Feed

    Blog usually comes with an RSS feed. What if you have a website? Or you have a few pages you want to have feed on? Similar to PonyFish, Make A Feed can generate a feed for you in an instant.

    How can you use a feed?
    1) You want to trace the changes of a blog, but the blog do not have an RSS feed.
    2) You want to track new lyrics added to a lyrics directory, but again, it does not have a feed address.
    3) You want to track the changes to Terms of Service of a company, such as Google Adsense.
    4) You want to track an announcement board.
    5) You want to get all the updates in your RSS reader.

    I am sure there are more ways to use a feed. I found using feed to track Terms and Conditions pages most useful, since we normally do not check those pages frequently after we agreed on them.

    BuzzBadge to MakeAFeed!

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    Thursday, March 08, 2007

    Buzzing Orlando Vacation

    If you are looking for a great place to spend Christmas, Spring Break, or even your summer break, you can think about Orlando. It is the only place in the World have 52 theme parks, pretty long beaches within a short 40 minute drive, and outstanding resorts and vacation homes to stay in for less than most other popular destination places. They are all in Orlando!

    Yes, Disney World is Orlando's biggest draw, but that is not all. Trying to find a comprehensive Disney World packages is not hard at all. You can do it with

    OrlandoVacation specializes in, apparently, Orlando vacation. You can plan your vacation with them and get a rough estimate on the cost involved and the fun you can have. You can customize your vacation with them.

    On your next trip to Orlando, call up toll-free at 1-800-641-4008, or pay their website a visit.

    BuzzBadge to SketchSwap

    Draw one and you get one free! Yes, that's what SketchSwap is all about.

    You are presented with a blank page, you can draw whatever you want onto the board. Once finished, you click on "Submit Drawing", you will then get a drawing sketched by someone else, at random.

    I did a Sketch for BuzzBadge:
    You can say I am really bad at drawing...hehe...

    And I click on submit, this is the swap I get:

    Well sketch! I don't know who sketched this, but if you happen to read this blog, please let me know :)

    BuzzBadge to SketchSwap!

    If you are good at creating sketches, you might also want to check out a previous BuzzBadge winner, The Scribbler.

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    BuzzBadge to

    Fold a shirt, we all know how, until you see it with your eyes!

    Here is the video:

    It is a japanese way of folding a shirt, and it is so fast and efficient. You really need to get a shirt and try it after watching. It is quite easy and amazing!

    BuzzBadge to The Scribbler

    I stumbled upon the Scribbler. At first glance, it was an empty page with an instruction asking you to simply draw some lines. After some experiments, it impresses me. The scribbler can turn a simply picture like this:
    Into this:

    You just need to draw the lines, click on done, and then start scribbling and you will have this picture. I am not good at drawing, so, don't laugh :P

    I then realize you can also scribble with colors, so, this is my creation:

    I know there are people very artistic who can use the Scribbler very well. If you happen to create something impressive, kindly leave a comment with the picture.

    Today's BuzzBadge goes to The Scribbler!


    A trip to Walt Disney can be fun. It gets better when you can search for lowest priced tickets online! Here comes, giving you special price on many Walt Disney World Tickets.

    For example, with Magic Your Way Ticket, you customize and select the ticket option that best suit your budget and preferences. The best part of purchasing your Disney discount tickets with in advance is that you can walk right through the turnstiles into the Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks- no waiting in admission lines!

    Adult 3 Day Magic Your Way Park Hopper with Water Park Fun and More Ticket starts from $277.63 only. It gives:

    ADULT (Ages 10 and above): 3 Days of Unlimited Access to the 4 main Disney Theme Parks:
    Magic Kingdom® Park, Epcot®, Disney-MGM Studios & Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park with the ability to go from park to park as often as you want on the same day. Expires 14 days after the first day of use
    PLUS your choice of 3 admissions the following parks:
    * Downtown Disney® Pleasure Island
    * Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
    * Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park
    ** Disney's Wide World of Sports® Complex
    *** DisneyQuest® Indoor Interactive Theme Park
    Expires 14 days after the first day of use. *Valid only on event days; some events may require separate admission. **Prize play games not included.

    If you were to plan a trip to Walt Disney, give a check on You might find something you want.

    BuzzBadge to

    Need to check time zones? Here's your solution:

    What you need to do is just move your cursors across the map, the time will show on the top bar, telling you the exact time in the zone.

    It is able to locate where you are, show your time, and then relatively show the time of the zones you are pointing. I have never seen such an interactive and beautiful time zone checker.

    It will also tell you whether the zone is WAT, MET, CST or EST. If you are a frequent traveller, this website will be very useful to you.
    Today's BuzzBadge goes to

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    BuzzBadge to Movie-A-Minute

    Your friends are talking about a movie you have not watched. You are pretty left out as you cannot join the discussion. The solution is here.

    Movie-A-Minute has over 100 movies that are one-minute short.

    Let's face it. There's a lot of movies out there and very little time to watch them in. Well sit back and relax, because your troubles are solved! We here at Movie-A-Minute have come up with a solution. We've taken several classic and contemporary movies and extracted the important stuff, cutting out all the filler. (You'd be surprised how much filler there is sometimes.) With our ultra-condensed versions of your favorite films, you can experience whole movies in just one minute! As an added bonus, Movie-A-Minute protects against torture by bad movies -- if you don't have to sit through them, well, you don't have to sit through them.

    Go to the site, search for the movie your friends are talking about and within a minute, you are an expert.

    The only cons about this site is that it has only a handful of movies. If it can include almost all recent movies, then it will be 2 thumbs up.

    BuzzBadge to Movie-A-Minute!

    Wednesday, March 07, 2007

    Buzzing Airline Credit Cards

    Are you a frequent flyer looking for great bargain? You should check out Airline Credit Cards, a portal managed by It features more than 10 types of airline miles credit cards. Other than discounts and exclusive offers, you can also save up those miles and exchange for free rides.

    For example, Citibank's Aadvantage gives you:

    • Earn 12,500 AAdvantage® bonus miles after your first purchase with the card*
    • NO ANNUAL FEE for 12 months!*
    • Earn 1 American Airlines AAdvantage mile for every $1 you spend on eligible purchases - up to 60,000 miles per year*
    • No blackout dates for AAdvantage award travel on American Airlines, American Eagle & AmericanConnection® carriers*
    • AAdvantage miles may never expire*
    • Redeem AAdvantage miles with over 25 of the world’s top airlines, major car rental companies and hundreds of luxurious hotels worldwide
    Give the huge selection of cards a visit and see if any of those fit your travel habit. Who knows you can fly for free!

    BuzzBadge to Bifaloo

    Bifaloo, the temporary boredom relief, has something more than curing your boredom. I surf the site, and liked this, it is called MindWarp:

    You can see the circles are rotating. I wonder why our eyes are so easily tricked by something static. Other than this Mind Warp, Bifaloo has another 16 or so illusions.

    Other than these, Bifaloo also features:

    Well, it really cures my boredom. BuzzBadge to Bifaloo!

    WordPress And Themes

    Blogger has always been easy to use. However, if you need more functionality, such as the ability to categorize your blog posts, adding pages to your blog, you can always use Wordpress, the standalone version. You need to register a domain and buy some hosting spaces for this purpose.

    You can download the latest version of Wordpress here.

    I like Wordpress for its functionality, flexibility and expandability. There are many plugins you can use. In fact, you can almost find all the plugins you need.

    Other than the plugins, it is easy as well to install and change themes for your blog. You can get the themes here.

    Talking about themes, SmashingMagazine has a long list of 83 Most Beautiful Wordpress Themes.

    Buying Real Estate In Orlando

    Orlando has always been a place to stay. Orlando welcomes more visitors each year than the population of California – over 43.3 million (2000 statistics), which makes Orlando the number one tourist destination in the world.

    Most tourists stay in one of 100,000 hotel rooms across Orlando and visit 7 major theme parks. The current population of Orlando is approximately 185,000 and the Metro-Orlando population is over 1,500,000. Orlando continues to be one of the fastest growing communities in Florida as well as the United States.

    Thinking of buying Orlando Luxury Real Estate? Exclusive Buyer Agency Office, Buyers Broker of Florida is ready to help you. They specialize in relocation, have the widest selection of homes, able to advice on 6 counties, and most importantly, they represent only the buyers, never the sellers.

    Expert Buyer Representation
    As a unique Exclusive Buyer Agency Office, Buyers Broker of Florida only and always represents the best interest of the homebuyer, never the seller. As full time Buyer Agents they understand contracts, house values, options, negotiations, 1031's, creative thinking, and will do their absolute best to negotiate the most favorable terms only for you the buyer.

    Real Estate offices that also list seller properties for sale cannot always represent buyers. Would you hire an attorney that would represent you only part of the time? Or one that dabbles in everything and specializes in nothing? Of course not! You need a friendly partner who knows what they are doing that you can always trust all the time.

    Duties only for Buyer, never sellers
    Exclusive Buyers Agents owe buyers the fiduciary duties of 100% Loyalty (always on your side), 100% Confidentiality (keep private your personal/financial information) and 100% disclosure (tell you everything).

    I guess if you are looking for real estate within Orlando, try Orlando-BuyersAgent.

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    BuzzBadge To

    If you are looking for a place to hand about, make new friends, write some blog entries, show off some videos, is the place to be.

    Dada has recently launched a revenue sharing model for its members. However, they only accepts US and Canada's citizens. Members successfully accepted into the program will earn a share of revenue from Google Adsense ads displayed on their personal pages.

    Talking about Revenue Sharing, BlogFeast is a good place too. You can register a blog at BlogFeast, enter your Google Adsense Client ID into their system, and start making a generous 90% revenue share! They keep only 10% and you earn 90%. It is the most generous site so far.

    Back to Dada, one of the feature that amazes me is its friend finder. By just changing the criteria you want, the friends are ajaxedly loaded on the left panel. This is the first time I see Ajax being used on friend finder, it is impressive.

    BuzzBadge to

    CSS is getting popular. In the past, most websites' layouts are structured using tables. Now, you can see many websites are pure CSS.

    Here is a very good source if you want to learn CSS. It is It teaches about:

    1. Chapter 1 - Introduction to CSS
    2. Chapter 2 - CSS Syntax
    3. Chapter 3 - CSS Classes
    4. Chapter 4 - CSS IDs
    5. Chapter 5 - CSS Divisions
    6. Chapter 6 - CSS Spans
    7. Chapter 7 - CSS Margins
    8. Chapter 8 - CSS Padding
    9. Chapter 9 - CSS Text
    10. Chapter 10 - CSS Fonts
    11. Chapter 11 - CSS Anchors, links and pseudo classes
    12. Chapter 12 - CSS Backgrounds
    13. Chapter 13 - CSS Borders
    14. Chapter 14 - CSS Lists
    15. Chapter 15 - CSS Width and Height
    16. Chapter 16 - CSS Classification
    17. Chapter 17 - CSS Position
    18. Chapter 18 - CSS Pseudo Elements
    They are the basic of CSS, but more than enough for you to design a webpage. Of course if you want to learn more on how you can play with CSS and expand its possibility, learn from CSSPlay.

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    Buzzing has recently revamped their website layout. Now it is more eye pleasing. They also feature "book a resort" panel from which you can search for accommodation for your travel. is the leader in all-inclusive travel experience, now with promotions of up to 50% savings, in conjunction with the new launch of their website. Some of the new features are:

    • Compelling visual images & virtual tours
    • In-depth information on the destinations including amenities & recreational activities
    • Thorough information on accommodations with detailed room options
    • All-Inclusive vacations sorted by vacation style and related preferences
    • Resort ratings from travelers who have experienced the resort first-hand
    • Hot Deals and much more…

    More pictures and visual aides are added on most of the pages. Stories, guides and content are personalized as well.

    If you are looking for a Relaxing Vacation, you can visit or call toll-free at 1-888-205-3315.

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    BuzzBadge to Godchecker

    This is really an interesting idea. How in a world can someone think of such a niche. Godchecker, encyclopedia of Gods.

    " We have more Gods than you can shake a stick at. Godchecker's Mythology Encyclopedia currently features over 2,850 deities.

    Browse the pantheons of the world, explore ancient myths, and discover Gods of everything from Fertility to Fluff with the fully searchable Holy Database Of All Known Gods."

    It features many Gods, from African Gods to Oceanic Gods, you can almost find any information on the God you want to check.

    It also has a timeline on the Gods shown in the picture to the left. That is the timeline for Mayan Gods.

    Check it out and you will be amazed at how little we understand Gods.

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    Tuesday, March 06, 2007

    Would You Pay To Read A Blog?

    Scott at Blog Herald and Darren at recently discussed the viability of a blog to adopt a paid business model, in which blog readers have to pay to read the blogs.

    The answer from me: Yes and no.

    1) If the blog is so extraordinary
    2) If the blog offers something that is more valuable than the money paid
    3) If there is a reason to hide the content from general public, so those who paid earn an edge over the others
    4) If it is exclusive
    5) If paying for the blog gives me a social status

    1) There are too many free content on the internet
    2) Blog charging for content will no longer be a popular blog
    3) It is better giving content for free to get popularity, and then monetize on the popularity

    On such a competitive landscape where free content far outweighs demand, it will be hard to implement such a model.

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    Saturday, February 10, 2007

    Peter Belisi's Myspace Page

    Peter Belisi has got his MySpace ready. As the founder of, he is famous for his ties design. Look at the page, and you can see testimonials to the ties.

    From Bartender to Bigshot – fashion forward designer learns from the Palm Beach elite Bartending in Palm Beach, Peter Belisi served the trendsetters who embodied the luxury lifestyle he craved.

    Struggling to support his family with no savings, Belisi started his own company with a novel idea. Emulating his high-end clientele, Belisi invested any extra money in a tie collection.

    Belisi took pride in never wearing the same tie twice, and through his appreciation of fine ties, an idea took shape. Belisi—a name already synonymous with beauty—has earned a loyal following for its high-end, quality ties, and most recently scarves and handbags. When you think of tie, you think of Belisi.

    Belisi’s guiding principle is to create Luxury with Meaning. In other words, Belisi stands for good living: great style, quality accessories and giving back to the community.

    “Belisi unites the luxury and prestige of Palm Beach with Italian beauty and sophistication. Inside Belisi we cultivate a passion for exquisite materials and skilled craftsmanship. Each dramatic detail, represents our unwavering quest to fashion products of truly enduring value.” – Peter Belisi

    Belisi would love to meet:
    Jesus, mother teresa, nelson mandela, john wesley, bill clinton, cs lewis, ronald reagan, oprah, moses, warren buffett, richard branson, daniel, steve jobs, stephen speilberg, paul, bob coy, ralph lauren, sean combs, alan greenspan, bob marley, rick warren, donald miller, franklin graham, david, robert rubin, alexander hamilton, george patton, tom cruise, shane claiborne, jim rogers, jerry garcia, bono, adam smith, dan marino, shaq, d-wade, tiger woods, jack nicholson, al pacino, johnny cash, angelina jolie.

    Check him out!

    BuzzBadge To KeywordDiscovery

    Though Yahoo's Overture Keyword Selector tool is not dead yet, I have since started to find replacements, and hopefully one that can outperform Yahoo in terms of suggesting good and relevant keywords.

    In this test, I am trying to create a niche around "dog". I want to see how I can narrow "dog" down to focus on one topic within "dog". So I did a search with Overture Keyword Tool, WordTracker's Free Keyword and Keyword Discovery's Free Keyword tool. Please take note that what I am using is free. You do not have to pay to get them.

    It appears to me that KeywordDiscovery's tool hints more about what niche I can focus on. Here are the results:

    With Overture:

    990279 dog
    609130 snoop dog
    276523 dog pile
    125609 dog breed
    123699 dog breeders
    113288 dog training
    111746 dog for sale
    98338 dog boarding
    94560 dog kennel
    93765 dog grooming

    With WordTracker
    300,960total searches
    23844dogs for sale
    10063dog breeds
    6682dog names
    5530dog the bounty hunter
    5343dog kennel
    3405reindeer dogs
    3075who let the dogs out
    2716duane dog chapman

    With KeywordDiscovery
    Search Term Total
    dog 1727003
    dog training 1463802
    dog breeds 1071259
    dog health 898184
    dog food 638074
    dog beds 607010
    dog supplies 559459
    dog door 539508
    dog treats 526689
    dog sex 456858

    Three of them gave different results, and using all of them really builds me a long list of keywords. However, it seems like if you are trying to decide on a niche, KeywordDiscovery is better. From the results, I can easily decide if I want to do dog training, or dog supplies.

    So, KeywordDiscovery won my test of choosing a niche within a niche! BuzzBadge to KeywordDiscovery.

    This does not hint others are bad though. All of them are important tools. I suggest you to use all of them and cross check each other.

    BuzzBadge to DoshDosh

    Learning to make money online? ProBlogger is probably the first blog you have to visit. It has so many tips and tricks to help you make money, though it focuses more on blogging than anything else.

    Believe it or not, blogging is the fastest and easiest way to make money online. You can only make money with eBay if you have a damn low cost. You can only make money selling affiliate products if you know how to make it work. You can only make money selling your own product if you know how to create one and market it successfully. But how about blogging?

    You only need to write. Keep writing and get those readers stick, and money will roll in itself.

    If you are unsure of how to make money online, DoshDosh can help you. It has these categories of information:


    Friday, February 09, 2007

    The Best Way To Increase Link Popularity

    USWeb, the operator of Blogitive, made a post about link popularity.

    In the article, it talks about:

    1. On-site and Off-site factors
    2. Why Page Rank is not taking so much weight now
    3. The quality of the link you get
    4. On-page Seo factors
    5. Link exchange and link baiting
    6. Getting links through blogs, obviously, by using Blogitive.
    I guess Blogitive has really helped many clients obtain their desired link popularity. If not, the service will not be around for so long. In total, I have made near to $300 from Blogitive since I joined last year end. If I have more blogs, the earning can be more.

    If you have not joined Blogitive, try it. If you need more links or want to create a buzz throughout the blogosphere, advertise with Blogitive.

    Yahoo removing Overture Keyword Tool?

    I received an email from Perry Marshall, the author of Definitive Guide To Google Adwords, saying that Yahoo is thinking of removing Overture Keyword Selector tool.

    It make sense if they are angry that people use it to build keyword list but turn out to advertise on Google. That can be the main reason they punch back.

    But this punch can hurt them. Google is already that big, and I don't think it will be shook at all with that move.

    In addition to that, suppose Yahoo really removes the overture keyword tool, there are thousands of services waiting to take over the stage. Everyone can always benefit from providing a keyword tool that gets so much traffic.

    One of such substitutes is WordTracker's Free Keywords selection tool.

    A search on the keyword "dog" shows:

    23844dogs for sale
    10063dog breeds
    6682dog names
    5530dog the bounty hunter
    5343dog kennel
    3405reindeer dogs
    3075who let the dogs out
    plus a list of...well, I guess, about 100 keywords. They are cumulative count for 90 days.

    If you are not using keywords on your blog yet, and unless you are already doing very well, keywords can rank your blog higher in search engines, thus giving you more traffic.

    Today's BuzzBadge goes to WordTracker Free Keyword.

    Update: KeywordDiscovery has also followed up with a kick, another reliable keyword research tool, to replace Yahoo.

    Heh, Yahoo has been replaced once, by Google, and now another?

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    icerocket tags:

    BuzzBadge to MyBlogLog

    The idea of anonymity behind the screen has faded long long ago. People now establishes identity and profile on the internet. Whether the identity resembles their real world character is not a major concern, but how they play their virtual role as a netizen.

    You probably know a ton about your favorite bloggers - what they think about the subjects they write about, maybe some of their work and life history... you may even know what toothpaste they use. But how much do you know about all the other people who read their blogs? And how much do they know about you?

    Readers can become friends with other people who read your favorite blogs. See what else they're reading. Check out their MySpace and Friendster profiles and view their Flickr photostreams. Authors can learn more about their readers individually and as a group. What do they like and what are they ignoring? What are they reading elsewhere on the Web?

    MyBlogLog is growing like crazy. People are joining when they see others are joining too. It is sort of a traffic tracking site minus complicated matrices plus a community with a bonus of networking.

    Look at the right side of this blog, you can notice there is a panel with pictures of faces and names. They are MyBlogLog members who has visited Buzzbadge. Thank you!

    By joining MyBlogLog, you can create a profile for yourself and your blog. Whenever you visit another MyBlogLog's member's blog, your profile will show on their blog. People visiting the blog can then follow the link and land on your blog.

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    MyBlogLog is famous as a channel to know each other, when previously, this could not be done without being a suspect of spam attempt.

    MyBlogLog definitely deserves a BuzzBadge. Today's BuzzBadge goes to MyBlogLog.

    Update: This is my profile page: BuzzBadge

    Thursday, February 08, 2007

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