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Friday, March 09, 2007

BuzzBadge to Make A Feed

Blog usually comes with an RSS feed. What if you have a website? Or you have a few pages you want to have feed on? Similar to PonyFish, Make A Feed can generate a feed for you in an instant.

How can you use a feed?
1) You want to trace the changes of a blog, but the blog do not have an RSS feed.
2) You want to track new lyrics added to a lyrics directory, but again, it does not have a feed address.
3) You want to track the changes to Terms of Service of a company, such as Google Adsense.
4) You want to track an announcement board.
5) You want to get all the updates in your RSS reader.

I am sure there are more ways to use a feed. I found using feed to track Terms and Conditions pages most useful, since we normally do not check those pages frequently after we agreed on them.

BuzzBadge to MakeAFeed!

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