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Friday, March 09, 2007

Buzzing Elance

Are you a:
1) Webmaster
2) Graphic Designer
3) Writer
4) Business Consultant
5) Programmer?

If yes, you can make some extra cash for yourself by sourcing projects on Elance is a freelancer website where people post their jobs to get freelancers to finish them. If you have what they need, you can bid on the projects and make some money.

Elance is probably the largest site of its kind, with the most numbers of freelance writers providing their services. Of course, it works the other way round too. If you need help with softwares, graphic designs and the like, you can buy their service there.

Elance adopts a feedback rating system similar to Ebay. After every transaction, service buyer will rate the provider and vice versa. So, it is safe to transact with those who have a high rating.

When it comes to paying your provider, you can have your payment escrowed by Elance. In this case, you will pay Elance. Once you receive your deliverables, you will notify Elance to release the payment to the provider. This will minimize most fraud.

Looking for a way to make more money? Or you need some jobs done? Elance is your solution.

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