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Friday, November 03, 2006

BuzBadge to ChaCha - Human Guided Search!

We know about Google,,, how about a search engine that has a human helping you? You know, sometimes robot just fail to understand what we want, we need a human on our side.

ChaCha! Search with ChaCha! Found it via UncoverTheInternet featured on WriteAbout.Us front page, I arrived at ChaCha thinking of searching for "BlogFeast", a blog community that shares 90% adsense revenue with its bloggers.

Nothing returned. So I searched again with "search with guide", and here's the surprise:

Status: Looking for a guide ...
Status: Connected to guide: SandraS
SandraS: Hi there. I will be helping with your search.
SandraS: Hello
You: hi, wow
SandraS: How are you today?
You: I came here and got surprised!
SandraS: How come?
You: how many guides does ChaCha have?
SandraS: around 10,000
You: I need to search for BlogFeast and see what you have indexed.
SandraS: Ok anything spicific your looking for anbout it? (typo shows she is a human)
You: no, I just want to see how popular it is
SandraS: ok great I will give you some info on that now.
SandraS: Please give me a few moments to search.
You: cool, thanks!
SandraS: Are these results sufficient?
SandraS: Can I find anything else for you?
SandraS: Have a good night. And please RATE ME GREAT!! Thanks for using CHACHA!
You: cool
SandraS: Have a wonderful evening.
You: Ok, these results are real good. Thanks alot! I will rate you great and blog about you.
SandraS: Thanks for searching ChaCha!
SandraS: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.
Status: Session ended.

You got the idea. It is a human aiding you in your search. The following results were returned, plus a rating feature. Obviously, disregarding the relevancy of the search, I rated great.

The relevance? They still have room for improvement. Only the first of the four is relevant to the term "BlogFeast", others are about BlogFest, which is not what I am interested in. However, quality question brings quality answer, my question of "I just want to see how popular it is" does not tell the guide if BlogFeast is a blog community or an event.

It is great to have a guide helping us to search what we want. BuzzBadge goes to ChaCha!

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