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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

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If you are looking for a place to hand about, make new friends, write some blog entries, show off some videos, is the place to be.

Dada has recently launched a revenue sharing model for its members. However, they only accepts US and Canada's citizens. Members successfully accepted into the program will earn a share of revenue from Google Adsense ads displayed on their personal pages.

Talking about Revenue Sharing, BlogFeast is a good place too. You can register a blog at BlogFeast, enter your Google Adsense Client ID into their system, and start making a generous 90% revenue share! They keep only 10% and you earn 90%. It is the most generous site so far.

Back to Dada, one of the feature that amazes me is its friend finder. By just changing the criteria you want, the friends are ajaxedly loaded on the left panel. This is the first time I see Ajax being used on friend finder, it is impressive.

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