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Thursday, March 08, 2007

BuzzBadge to SketchSwap

Draw one and you get one free! Yes, that's what SketchSwap is all about.

You are presented with a blank page, you can draw whatever you want onto the board. Once finished, you click on "Submit Drawing", you will then get a drawing sketched by someone else, at random.

I did a Sketch for BuzzBadge:
You can say I am really bad at drawing...hehe...

And I click on submit, this is the swap I get:

Well sketch! I don't know who sketched this, but if you happen to read this blog, please let me know :)

BuzzBadge to SketchSwap!

If you are good at creating sketches, you might also want to check out a previous BuzzBadge winner, The Scribbler.

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