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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Would You Pay To Read A Blog?

Scott at Blog Herald and Darren at recently discussed the viability of a blog to adopt a paid business model, in which blog readers have to pay to read the blogs.

The answer from me: Yes and no.

1) If the blog is so extraordinary
2) If the blog offers something that is more valuable than the money paid
3) If there is a reason to hide the content from general public, so those who paid earn an edge over the others
4) If it is exclusive
5) If paying for the blog gives me a social status

1) There are too many free content on the internet
2) Blog charging for content will no longer be a popular blog
3) It is better giving content for free to get popularity, and then monetize on the popularity

On such a competitive landscape where free content far outweighs demand, it will be hard to implement such a model.

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