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Friday, February 09, 2007

The Best Way To Increase Link Popularity

USWeb, the operator of Blogitive, made a post about link popularity.

In the article, it talks about:

  1. On-site and Off-site factors
  2. Why Page Rank is not taking so much weight now
  3. The quality of the link you get
  4. On-page Seo factors
  5. Link exchange and link baiting
  6. Getting links through blogs, obviously, by using Blogitive.
I guess Blogitive has really helped many clients obtain their desired link popularity. If not, the service will not be around for so long. In total, I have made near to $300 from Blogitive since I joined last year end. If I have more blogs, the earning can be more.

If you have not joined Blogitive, try it. If you need more links or want to create a buzz throughout the blogosphere, advertise with Blogitive.

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