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Monday, February 05, 2007


CNN calls it a "No-Brainer"! And at EBates, you will never pay the full retail price anymore.

Ebates is all about saving money and getting Cash Back whenever you shop online, thus saving you a lot of money. When you become a member and shop through Ebates, you can save literally thousands of dollars every year on the things you're already buying.

But how do you qualify yourself? All you need is an email address and you can access more than 800 stores through Ebates. Membership is free! That is why it is so attractive, and it does not make sense not to shop with EBates.

After signing up with EBates, you have to check EBates everytime you shop online so you do not pass up anything at deep discount. You can also download their Moe Money Maker to have Moe notify you of latest deals.

You'll earn up to 25% Cash Back on your purchases. They also offer the best Coupons & Specials on the web. When you shop, Ebates get sales commission from our partners. Most sites keep this money, but not Ebates.

They turn your cash discount into a Big Fat Check and mail it directly to you. It's money in the bank. So, why pay retail? Ebates gives you 4% Cash Back at Target & up to 25% at more than 800 popular stores. It's so easy.

Check out EBates today with you most recent purchase, see if they really offer a better price!

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