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Monday, February 05, 2007


Things are changing, a lot of things have moved online. Now, service providers are getting their business online. GetAFreelancer is a freelancer website where service providers and service buyers meet.

If you want an article written, just go to, post and job, and people will bid for the job. You can then choose which person you want to assign the job to. You can assign to the lowest bidder, meaning to say, the person willing to get paid the less, or you can assign the job to the best provider.

How do you know they are good? GAF use a rating system akin to eBay where service buyer and service provider have to rate each other after the transaction. They also have an escrow service where your payment is sent to GAF before releasing it to the service provider.

If you want to make money online, getting freelance job is a great start. You can make a few thousands a month if you bid on big projects and work really hard. However, you do have to compete with service providers from India where they can outbid you with absurdly low prices, and still keep up with the standard, especially in IT and programming jobs.

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JohnDan2000 said...

You can find many jobs in this website, but their service sucks. They charge the provider a commission upfront (usually 10% from the bid amount), right after the bid was awarded, even if the provider didn't get the money yet from the buyer. In many cases the parties (the buyer and provider) realize they are not a good match for the job, so they abandon the project. But the provider was already charged by GAF 10% from the bid amount. Also, they don't let you contact the other party directly, via phone, e-mail, etc., that makes the communication between the parties very difficult, which in many cases results in the failure of the project and disappointment of both parties involved in the process. I would recommend a website that allows the parties to communicate directly, and which is commission free.

Anonymous said...

try it's free. No Commissions for Monthly Service Fee's. NEW SITE, but slowly growing.

Jullian said...

GAF , took my money and didnt even reply my tickets when i tried to cancel the escrow i did to the providor i chose and he was not professional and after i cancelled the bid he tried to use me either to send him 50$ to his paypal account or he will not cancel the escrow but he didnt cancel the escrow and now the money is for GAF
so take care of your money from GAF

Ahmed said...

The same that is happening to Jullian is happening to me. I am so mad, but I will not leave them alone. If they do not refund my money by tomorrow I will sue them. I am on a side that can not be more righteous and they are just using templates to reply.

Beware. is so much better, more professional, and more friendly. Beware from Getafreelancer.