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Saturday, February 10, 2007

BuzzBadge To KeywordDiscovery

Though Yahoo's Overture Keyword Selector tool is not dead yet, I have since started to find replacements, and hopefully one that can outperform Yahoo in terms of suggesting good and relevant keywords.

In this test, I am trying to create a niche around "dog". I want to see how I can narrow "dog" down to focus on one topic within "dog". So I did a search with Overture Keyword Tool, WordTracker's Free Keyword and Keyword Discovery's Free Keyword tool. Please take note that what I am using is free. You do not have to pay to get them.

It appears to me that KeywordDiscovery's tool hints more about what niche I can focus on. Here are the results:

With Overture:

990279 dog
609130 snoop dog
276523 dog pile
125609 dog breed
123699 dog breeders
113288 dog training
111746 dog for sale
98338 dog boarding
94560 dog kennel
93765 dog grooming

With WordTracker
300,960total searches
23844dogs for sale
10063dog breeds
6682dog names
5530dog the bounty hunter
5343dog kennel
3405reindeer dogs
3075who let the dogs out
2716duane dog chapman

With KeywordDiscovery
Search Term Total
dog 1727003
dog training 1463802
dog breeds 1071259
dog health 898184
dog food 638074
dog beds 607010
dog supplies 559459
dog door 539508
dog treats 526689
dog sex 456858

Three of them gave different results, and using all of them really builds me a long list of keywords. However, it seems like if you are trying to decide on a niche, KeywordDiscovery is better. From the results, I can easily decide if I want to do dog training, or dog supplies.

So, KeywordDiscovery won my test of choosing a niche within a niche! BuzzBadge to KeywordDiscovery.

This does not hint others are bad though. All of them are important tools. I suggest you to use all of them and cross check each other.

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