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Thursday, February 08, 2007

BuzzBage to TutorialBlog.Org

Today's BuzzBadge is awarded to Tutorial blog, as the name suggests, contains many tutorials. One that I like very much is "How To Create Software Box Using Photoshop".

I found TutorialBlog while trying to find how to create software boxes using either photoshop or illustrator. Both of them requires special knowledge to create wonders.

I thought it was hard, after reading through 20+ tutorials about photoshop and illustrator, I started to understand how photoshop and illustrator works.

Yesterday, my uncle showed me how to create ebook cover using photoshop. It is that easy! He did the whole ebook in less than 5 minutes! But bear in mind he is one of the top designers in my country, currently handling mega-projects in China.

Well, I did wandered off a bit... Now back to the buzz.

Tutorial blog has almost all you want to look for, though I find it leans more towards graphic design. If you have something in mind, try to search tutorialblog first. They might already provided it for you.

Another one I like is "100 Ajax Tutorials". Old technology, new trick, Ajax is hot now.

There is also this "30 Color Scheme Tools and Websites" for webmasters and designers.

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