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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Buzz Badge to coComment

Blogging involves commenting on other's blog and is usually the best part in blogging. You don't have to scratch your head thinking of how to promote your blog. By giving good comment, you slowly build up the credibility that draws traffic. Often, new idea spring from giving comment, allowing you to further discuss a subject matter with your own reader.

Giving comments is easy, remembering where you left them is hard. CoComent is here to help! It tracks all your comments and actually tell you when they are replied, much like your email inbox. Login to your account and you will see a page with comments left, a link to the blog post and if anyone has replied your comment, pretty well organized and helpful. You may also track blogs that you do not leave a comment on. No more surfing through page after page to find your comment. Hooray!

What you need to do is sign up with them, it is free, and download their extension. It runs on the great open source Firefox browser.

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Say Lee said...

This does come in handy.

However, I'm beginning to notice some slackening on your daily buzz award routine.

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