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Monday, October 09, 2006

First BuzzBadge goes to Blogger Beta!

If you have been using Blogger, you must try Blogger Beta. Bravo Google, Blogger Beta is so much better. It can almost take on Wordpress's standalone platform! (although there are still some features lacking).

How is Blogger Beta better than Blogger?

There are some interesting features on Blogger Beta that Blogger does not have. These are really essentials that makes a blog:
  1. Sign-in with Google or Blogger account.
  2. No more flidding with HTML, no need to.
  3. Fully CSS layout!!!
  4. Some operations are Ajaxed!
  5. Edit widgets (contained in sidebar) on the fly!
  6. Change colors and fonts easily!
  7. Instant publishing, no need to wait 10%...28%...100%..done.
  8. Easily add page elements the layout your blog. These page elements does not go into the content loop, in other words, they appear on each and every page of your blog. They are called page elements.
  • List (idea: wishlist)
  • Link list (you know, the famous blogroll)
  • Picture (Your picture? I have not tried adding Flickr yet)
  • Text (Anything you want to write about)
  • HTML/JavaScript (Makes adding adsense easy)
  • Feed (add feedslets easily)
  • Labels (Oh, add label the gmail-way)
  • Logo (You need a logo to brand)
  • Profile (Your profile)
  • Blog Archive (Your post history, but I like labels better)
  • Page header (Includes the title and slogan of your blog)
Since it is still in Beta, I believe there are still many features coming awaiting implementation.

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