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Sunday, October 15, 2006

BuzzBadge to EssayGenerator

A power generator generates power, lately we have name generators that generate names (for user name, avatar name, pet name, not for a newborn's name.) , how about an EssayGenerator?

As the name suggests, it generates essays! How brilliant. Just type in any word or phrase and click generate and you have a brand new essay to read!

How do you generate essay?

While many learned professors have abandoned hope of ever discovering the truth behind How do you generate essay, I for one feel that it is still a worthy cause for examination. Advancements in How do you generate essay can be linked to many areas.

It sounds like artificial intelligence is taking over the world. Well, not quite yet. After spending some time playing with different keywords, phrases and even questions in full ("How do you generate essay?"), you soon notice it is using some templates.

The templates come in randomly, and your input is replaced at the pre-defined locations, making every article sounds unique.

It is relatively easy to build this kind of generator. What you need is some homogeneous templates and knowledge in PHP. Make the input a variable and insert it appropriately. There you go.

Seriously, I played with it for about an hour, reading through every essay I generated just to make sure I did not miss any of the template. And of course, to satisfy my curiosity to know how each term can fit well into every template.

Today's BuzzBadge goes to EssayGenerator!

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Say Lee said...

Unique? maybe, but useful? I would have to give an emphatic no.

I tried with two key words: life and apartheid. And the results were pathetic.

The good old research on your own (Internet included) is still the best way to lend substance to an essay.