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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Buzzing free tagging service - Keotag

If you are blogging, you must have known about tagging. Today's BuzzBadge is given to a great free tagging service. What is tagging? In the simplest form, tagging allows you to specify the words/tags that your blog post is associated with. By tagging, you allow the search engines you ping to search your post through the tags. If someone searches "buzz", and you happen to tag "buzz" in one of your post, it will show up in the search result. Great isn't it?

However, we find it hard to use extensive tagging. It is painstaking to write the HTML for each word that we tag, let alone tagging different services. Fortunately, Keotag comes to rescue.

Using Keotag, you only need to type in the words you want to tag, separated with a blank space and choose the services you want. Currently, 3 services are supported, namely, Technorati, and Rocket. Check their boxes, get the code, copy and paste and you are done. A real time saver. Keotag, being a great free tagging service, deserves a BuzzBadge!

Here is an example:

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