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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Buzzing LinkExperiment - The Next Million Dollar Idea

We have heard of Million Dollar Homepage, a page that made one million. After the phenomenon, sites copying the same idea make their appearances all over the Internet, with variations from pixel to links to tags.

Brandon Rowe, a 23-year-old amateur runner is having another million-dollar-in-the-making site. The idea is simple, the homepage will host 100 links, horizontally organized from highest bid to lowest bid. The 101th will be pushed off the homepage. To stay on the list, one must outbid other bidders. It is now documenting 429 link, with $400 as the highest bid as of this writing. Well, it all started with $0.01 per link! Now the minimum bid is $16.75, which gives you the last spot on the page.

What is going to happen?
The site will get more popular, more press attention and more links and traffic. The bid can only go higher and higher. This idea is so good as it is balanced. As the popularity increases, the bid increases too, the owner is able to monetize every marginal increase in the site's popularity and traffic. The revenue generated by the 100 links does not stop there, it rises. The owner is definitely making more than $16.75 a day now with new bidders outbidding old ones.

Total revenue generated as of now: $7,592.00
(it is fun to keep it tracked)

The Buzz goes it LinkExperiment and its robust business model.

Update: A better version is found here: WriteAbout.Us.

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