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Saturday, October 14, 2006

BuzzBadge to Diigo, the best research tool!

No, not Digg again, this time, it is Diigo is about Social Annotation, it integrates Social Bookmarking, Web highlighting, note sticking and clip marking. What do all these mean?

The Scenario of a Blogger
If you are a blogger, you must be reading through many blogs and websites each day to gather points for your blog. Sometimes you stumble upon something you must bookmark. Sometimes the content you are reading gives you inspiration. Sometimes you want to recommend a page to your readers. Sometimes you just want to remember that page.

In this case, the functionality of the basic bookmark feature that comes with your browser is no longer enough. You need Diigo. When you sign up with Diigo, you are required to install a toolbar right in your browser to enjoy its functionality. Let's say you are on a page with so much information that you suddenly feel like writing, and you know, if you don't write them down immediately, the chemicals aren't going to stay for long.

You will click on Diigo, and a window will popup. You can write whatever you want into the window, label it so you can find it easily, and save it. Ok, some sentences on the page interest you, so you will highlight the sentence, click Diigo again, and make your remarks. You can choose to make them private or share them. If you share them, other people using Diigo will see your clip when they are on the same page.

I usually bookmark with a remark. After finishing my research, I will search for all the bookmarks by label and read through them again, especially the comments I have written. I will organize them and write them into my blog.

The benefit? It is a great research tool. You will never lose your bookmarks, cos they are online! You can access them from any computer. The problem with bookmark is when you have thousands of them, you have no bookmark. With Diigo, you are pretty sure to find the right page you have bookmarked, using the labels. Ah, Sometimes the clips on a page by other Diigo users are simply brilliant.

Its functionality spans from being a simple bookmarking tool to an information organizer to an advanced research tool. You decide how useful it is.

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Say Lee said...

It sounds like a play on the word "ditto."

Anyway I use a similar tool, it's called the pocket notebook, And entries are in shortform that only I can decipher.

The good thing is it enables me to jot down observations/ideas/thoughts that are engendered by reallife encounters.

But having both will be ideal.