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Monday, October 30, 2006

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Low paying ads and junk MFA (made for adsense) sites have long bothered Adsense publishers. What are junk MFA sites? They are usually sites with little or no content, but with adsense ads sprinkled all across the page, hoping random visitor might click on one of the ads thinking they are links.

How do they get the visitor? CPC advertising. The owner usually advertise using Google Adwords, MSN ad center, AdBrite, to name a few. Since they are using adwords to advertise, it becomes our worry.

The Worry
They called this Adsense Arbitrage, in which they pay, say, $0.02 for a visitor, and then on the page, they put up content that will attract high paying ads, such as insurance and mortgage related ads, which can earn them $1-3 per click. So, a visitor arrives, they pay $0.02. When the visitor leave by clicking on ads, they earn $1-$3. The problem is with the $0.02 they pay and their ability to target keywords so well that their ads are shown on many blogs. Many adsense publishers see their revenue decreasing due to these low paying ads. Some even receive complaint from visitor demanding reason as to why they link out to site with no real content ( it is not a link, it is an ad, but it is sufficient to lose a visitor).

There are more than 8000 MFA sites out there, keeping them blocked is easy, keeping them updated is hard. Here comes the rescue:

There is a demo on the homepage, just put in URL and keywords of your blog and it will generate a list of low paying sites for you to add to your competitive ad filter. Sign up with them, you will get 200 of such sites, fine tuned for your main keywords. Yes, it is great. Many adsense publishers see their revenue increase immediately after adding MFA sites to the filter.

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