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Thursday, October 12, 2006

BuzzBadge for Writely

Slowly and steadily, Writely is taking on Microsoft Word. It was acquired by Google and now integrated with Google Spreadsheet. It is now called Google Docs and Spreadsheet.

If you are using word processing software extensively, it is time for you to consider using Writely as your primary writing tool. Other than storing your files online, accessing them anytime anywhere, you can save them to your desktop in a variety of formats, including word, pdf, HTML and open documents.

Of course, online collaboration is the core of Writely. You may share a file with your friends, allowing them to edit and develop the document. The revisions are recorded, so you can easily see what is being edited. With a click of a button, it can be published to your Blogger blogs! (Blogger Beta is not supported yet)

Word and spreadsheet processing can now be done on a web application level, no installation is required. In the near future, we only need a keyboard and a monitor, no CPU is needed. Everything can be done online, thanks the powerful simplicity of Ajax.

The only question: To what level should you entrust your privacy to Google?

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Say Lee said...

Guarded, I would say.

This is not to say folks at Google will misuse their wealth of personal info. But one has to take charge of one's own turf.

Also, I was half expecting to read:

"Yeah, the best thing is that it's free".

But then again there is no free lunch in this world, right?