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Thursday, October 26, 2006

BuzzBadge to WriteAbout.Us

The legend continues, another spin-off of million dollar homepage claims that "More than just a spin-off of million dollar homepage, we are in fact, a hub of traffic. Our SEO, business model and marketing effort make Write About Us unique and robust."

It looks like just another link homepage we discussed earlier, however, further scrutinize of the site reveals that it is so much better than its counterpart.

The Business Model:
Instead of charging everyone who wants to have their link on the page, WriteAbout.Us gives out free link with a condition that you write about them in your blog or site. After writing about it, you can send them a note using the submission form. As you get free publicity, they get it too! This is brilliant!

The site looks new as of this posting, since there are only a few links, let us watch it closely. I write this post with the same purpose, to get BuzzBadge included on the front page. Who knows it really drives traffic to BuzzBadge and increase the readership.

Well, I think my link will stay there for quite some time. Once it gets popular, links will roll off the front page fast (especially the free links). From there, I learned that traffic is very valuable.

"If content is King, traffic is Queen."

True enough. BuzzBadge goes to WriteAbout.Us. Hope it gets popular soon (taking BuzzBadge along).

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