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Sunday, October 22, 2006

BuzzBadge to BubbleShare

I have been looking for a photo host lately, trying to get one that has big storage, anonymous upload and album organizer. After trying photobucket, imageshack, zoto, flickr and BubbleShare, I finally decided to stay with BubbleShare.

The good about BubbleShare is you do not have to signup to create a photo album. What you need to do is upload the photos and check your email. The link to your photo album will be sent to your email. They host your photos for free! And number of albums you can create? Unlimited!

No, I did not upload anonymously, I signed up with them as I wanted to have access to a more robust set of tools and gain more control over the photos I have uploaded.

For your pleasure, here are some of the photos:

Enjoy today's BuzzBadge.

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Say Lee said...

It's fabulous, I mean the SWAV watches.

It's a picture of elegance. Hope the business is good.