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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A BuzzBadge to GoingGlobal

GoingGlobal, a blog full of profound insights makes for a must read everyday. Treat it like the newspaper, read it everyday, only difference, it is online.

Am I biased? Yes of course!

The blogger is my uncle! And I believe giving today's BuzzBadge to GoingGlobal definitely enhances my credibility (it shows my wisdom to judge the great from the mediocre). See, I can spot a diamond in the sea of blogs!

The flowers on the posts are my favourite! It has such a power to calm my mind. I usually look at it for a few minutes a day.

A picture means a thousand words. The pictures (my aunty's artistic expression) remove a thousand worries from my mind! It leaves me a wonderful void and calm state of mind.

I am proud to award today's BuzzBadge to GoingGlobal, both the alpha and the live site. I can guarantee, a visit is enough to make you bookmark it.

Update: The alpha blog is now aPleasant Surprise(s)

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2 Buzzes:

Say Lee said...

Busted. I mean our relation.

At the risk of sounding nepotistic, I'm going to say you're my favorite newphew.

My beta site has been renamed, the blog title that is. But I'll stay true to the same content to retain the impact that it has on you. Tune in to find out.

Daniel said...


Yes, the change of title is great, and it will be a great hook on readers.