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Monday, October 16, 2006

BuzzBadge to Lorelle on Wordpress

I was drawn to this blog when I was looking for information about splog. Splog? It is spam + blog. In other words, spam in the form of a blog. To understand spam better, login to your Yahoo! email and look at your inbox. Those emails from unfamiliar names are spams. While Yahoo! Mail is having problem with spam, which brought about a promise of better spam control in Yahoo! Mail Beta, Gmail, the uprising late comer, seems to do very well in terms of spam control. Gmail's famous user friendly Ajax functionality forces Yahoo! Mail into Beta, to come up with a better interface that is still disappointing.

Bloggers are battling with splogs as most of them do not have original content. There is no wrong not having original content, but it does not do any good when a splog republishes a blogger's work without giving any credit.

Lorelle on Wordpress looked into this issue and actually taught bloggers what to do when their content is being copied. It also publishes an extensive coverage on Bitacle attack (no links here, giving links will make Bitacle credible in the eyes of search engines) .

The blog is so good I stayed almost an hour reading every related article below each post. (I wonder when Blogger Beta will have this feature, it helps to navigate.) Then I fall on this piece of exhaustive tips: "Hundred of resources for finding content for your blog". Ha! No more writer's block! I know, if you read that, you are going to bookmark Lorelle's blog immediately.

Enjoy your navigation on Lorelle's blog. This is the Buzz today.

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