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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

BuzzBadge to Google Video Bar

Google's Ajax Search API has enabled the flexibility of creating wonderful widgets and enhancements to a website. Specifically, today's BuzzBadge is given to Google Video Bar.

I just spent few hours learning how to get Google Video Bar to display on BuzzBadge. Look to your left, do you see a video bar containing Google Videos? That's it! Try click on a video, a player (Ajaxed) will appear on top of the main post section to play the selected video. You can pre-define the videos for the search API to fetch into the Video Bar by specifying the keyword. Of course, you can also make links (a javascript with your keyword in it) on your page that will ask the search API to fetch another sets of videos matching your keyword.

Sounds interesting? It is not hard at all to include some codes into your template that will do the trick. I will write an article on how to include Google Video Bar in Blogger Beta template in a while. Mean while, play with the Video Bar on your left. To hide the video player, click "i'm done watching". This is the beauty of Ajax: it does not need to refresh the page to process your request.

Update: Here's the guide on how to include Google Video Bar

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