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Sunday, January 07, 2007

BuzzBadge To Blogitive!

Finally, I decide to register BuzzBadge with Blogitive.

Blogitive is an opportunity for bloggers to make money writing blog post for advertisers. Here's how it goes:

When blog first started out, it is only a type of content management that arranges content in a reverse chronological order. This type of arrangement of content make it possible for ordinary individuals to put up an online diary. LiveJournal was the first to capitalize on the trend and introduces web diaries to ordinary people, who has not got a chance or at least, do not know how to put up a website.

Today, blog is a buzz! Everyone seems to have a blog. Many have a few blogs, each focus on an area of their daily lives.

The web has gone 2.0, which means now, people socialize on the internet. It was anonymity, now we are establishing a true identity online. We want people to recognize us and say "hey, that's his blog!" and "look, here's his diary!".

Amazingly, blog has such a power to attract readers, especially loyal ones. Advertisers started to notice the power of blogs as a place to spread words, and they started to contact bloggers and offer them a price to write about their companies.

Here's where Blogitive steps in. Advertisers will contact Blogitive and make an offer. Blogitive will then assign the writing tasks to blogs registered within their service. If the blogger writes about the advertiser, money will be paid.

Since I joined Blogitive 3 months ago, I have made $165 writing post on my other blogs for the advertisers.

However, last month, Blogitive decides to pull off many blogs, especially those hosted for free or the ones that are prone to spam attacks. Unfortunately, all my 3 blogs registered with Blogitive was cancelled. They even pulled off blogs hosted by reputable WordPress.

Luckily, they still allow Blogger's blog to be registered. That's why I decided to register BuzzBadge with them. Immediately after registration, I have 5 tasks, each paying $5.

The previous blog about Disney is one of the task. See how easy it is the make money blogging with Blogitive? There are people making thousands a month working with Blogitive. But they have more than 10 blogs registered with Blogitive, so I guess those are really professional bloggers.

Note: Blogitive does not simply accept blogs. They will actually come and evaluate your blog's potential for the benefit of their advertisers.

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