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Friday, January 26, 2007

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If you like Alexa ranking, you must love Compete too! I found this wonderful comparison tool today from an advertisement on TechCrunch's blog.

It seems like it is better than Alexa in the sense that you can compare up to 3 sites without signing up. If you sign up with them, you can compare up to 5 sites.

So I did a comparison on Google, Yahoo and MSN, the above image is what I got.

And surprisingly,

"True story... In 1998, a serial entrepreneur named Bill Gross started a revolutionary new search engine called GoTo. GoTo became Overture, created the business of paid search, and was acquired by Yahoo. Google quickly adopted the paid search model, grew to become the largest search engine on the web and now stands side-by-side with Yahoo as one of the most prominent Internet properties in the world.

Bill also had another big idea... In 2000, he created to organize the clicks we all make on the web. The vision was simple: if we all share our clicks, then each of us gets smarter by knowing what's happening across the web." Via Compete's About Page

Pretty neat. I am bookmarking it to learn more about it. Check it out!

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