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Monday, January 08, 2007

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Search Engine Optimization With Textalyser

Textalyser is a text analyzer tool that can help you improve the keyword density of your blog post for the purpose of search engine optimization.

We know how important it is to apply Search Engine Optimization each of the blog post. The normal Search Engine Optimization guideline is to have one main keyword and many related keywords in a blog post. In addition to that, we have to include the main keyword into the title of the blog post, as well as stating the main keyword as least once in the opening paragraph and closing paragraph. To further enhance the effect and help Google to understand what we are trying to talk about, we should repeat the main keyword a few times within the body of the blog post, as well as using related keywords often enough.

Alright! I will copy and paste the above paragraph into Textalyser and let's see how Textalyser analyzes the above paragraph:

The analysis is long, but this interests me:

2 word phrases frequency :

ExpressionExpression count FrequencyProminence
main keyword43.6%50
blog post43.6%54.5
the main32.7%42
the blog32.7%50.5
of the32.7%51.4
well as21.8%27.9
as well21.8%28.8
post as21.8%29.7
related keywords21.8%37.8
engine optimization21.8%87.4
is to21.8%87.8
search engine21.8%88.3

3 word phrases frequency :

ExpressionExpression count FrequencyProminence
the main keyword32.7%41.5
the blog post32.7%50
of the blog32.7%50.9
as well as21.8%28.2
post as well21.8%29.1
blog post as21.8%30
search engine optimization21.8%88.2

Looking at the table above alone gives us a hint on what the topic is talking about. It has good density of "search engine", "engine optimization", "search engine optimization", "main keyword", "related keyword"...

When Google's spider comes across this paragraph, it will know that I am talking about search engine optimization for blog. See how easy it is to search engine optimize your own blog post? It gets easier when you can see through the eyes of the spiders!

BuzzBadge goes to Textalyser!

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