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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Revisiting Blogitive

I would like to say, Blogitive has really improved a lot since I last work for them. If you have not heard of Blogitive, it is a blog advertising firm that pays bloggers to write advertisement for them. Making money blogging with Blogitive is easier than monetizing your blog with Adsense. That is the reason why I decided to register BuzzBadge with Blogitive, and subsequently awarded a BuzzBadge to Blogitive.

Since I registered with them, I have already written 5 advertisements. Whenever you write for them, you have to follow their guidelines and write what the advertisers want. After that, you submit your blog post for their approval.

Their approval have been fast, which I would like to comment. The approval is within the same day itself, compared to last time, when sometimes I need to wait a day before the post was approved.

Out of the 5 jobs, I have just submitted one, another 4 have been approved, and I have already received payment for the earliest 3. It was THAT fast!

If you are blogging for money, you know many other such opportunities have a payment term. Some pays net 30, some net 60. They only pay once a month. But I guess Blogitive pays once a week, or even more often. That is why they are good!

Sign up for Blogitive now and start making money. You can easily earn back your hosting bill.

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