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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

BuzzBadge To FasterFox

Are you experiencing slow internet speed? Do you want to increase the speed of your internet connection and surf the web faster? FasterFox can help you!

Taiwan's quake is slowing down some major networks in my part of the world. Internet speed is drastically reduced. Loading times get long and sometimes, page just cannot load.

I am using FireFox. I remembered there is a web accelerator extension for Firefox, so I did a Google search, found FasterFox and installed it right away. Amazingly, my surfing speed improved drastically!

FasterFox is good at pre-fetching some static links on a page, so when you surf the pages, they load quickly, since they have already be pre-fetched into your local cache.

Other than that, FasterFox also allows you to tweak some of the browser settings that makes a big difference, such as maximum connections, settings with pipelining and delay in paint.

You will see how fast FasterFox is able to improve your web experience by surfing websites full of pictures. Since FasterFox reduced the delay in paint-time, pictures load as fast as they are downloaded. It is just impressive!

Try it, you will know.

You need to have Firefox to use FasterFox.

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