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Friday, January 26, 2007

Digg Traffic VS Referral Traffic

Darren Rowse at wrotes about his thought on Digg Traffic vs Referral Traffic.

The post itself was dugg to the front page of and I can assume Darren is getting a bid surge now.

It seems that Darren prefers referral traffic more than Digg traffic. And I completely agree with Darren.

According to Darren, Digg traffic is too general to be retainable. On the other hand, traffic coming from a link on another blogger's blog (referral traffic) will often stay and might become your loyal reader.

This is another Quality vs Quantity scenario. Digg can give you thousands of traffic in a day if you are dugg to the homepage, but the traffic might not be targeted enough to stay on your blog and involve in the conversation.

As a blogger, we want interested traffic, that is visitors who are ready to read what we are writing and will come back for more. These are the traffic that is valuable. It gets even better when they comment on our blog or get us to their blog.

However, Darren has quite some posts about enhancing Digg traffic and one that tells you how to get ideas from

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