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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Defensive Driving GEICO Way

Children's safety on the roads has always been parents' concern. Rush hour, rush hour, rush hour, don't rush. Everyone is rushing, chasing the time and driving madly. GEICO comes to help with its online library of safe driving materials for teen drivers.

GEICO added "Teens and Trucks" to its online library of safe driving materials for teen drivers. The brochure, developed with the American Moving and Storage Association, includes valuable information for teens on how to safely share the highway with large trucks.

Visit the library here. While the information is helpful to drivers of all ages, GEICO is particularly interested in providing teens with this information when they first learn to drive.

As discussed in "Teens and Trucks," here are some very valuable tips for safe highway driving around large trucks:

* Avoid staying in a truck's blind spots or "No Zones."
* Be extremely careful when attempting to pass a truck.
* Do not swerve in front of a truck or cause the driver to come to sudden halt.
* Avoid "Squeeze Play" when a large truck needs to make a wide turn.
* Do not cut off a large truck or passenger bus.

Parents and teens are invited to visit GEICO's teen safe driving library as the materials are so valuable and helpful.

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