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Sunday, January 28, 2007

BuzzBadge to WebmasterRadio

This is really something deserving BuzzBadge. Webmaster Radio, a radio channel dedicated to webmasters, free, 24/7!

I learned about Webmaster Radio when I was recommended to listen to Jeremy Shoemaker's NetProfit channel. And it soon becomes my favorite. You can listen to Webmaster Radio on it's website itself or download a client.

If you are new to building website, webmaster radio is good for you. If you are an expert, you are going to love it very much.

It covers a lot of topics, ranging from domain names to search engine optimizations. There are about 20 programs right now:

Click This!
Host(s): Jennifer Slegg
Time: Monday @ 2pm Eastern GMT: -5
Get ready to Click This! with contextual advertising expert Jennifer Slegg. Click This! features leading industry experts sharing their opinions and expertise on all aspects of online advertising for both publishers and advertisers. Whether it's contextual advertising, behavioral targeting or learning about the latest offerings from the search engines, Click This! is sure to have that gem you've been waiting for to help your bottom line.
Strike Point
Host(s): Mikkel deMib Svendsen & Dave Naylor
Time: Monday @ 3pm Eastern GMT-5
The first European Show of its kind, addressing issues faced by European Webmasters regarding Search Engine Marketing and Optimization. Expect to be informed on the nuances of maximizing earnings revenue from a European perspective. Irreverent, cocky and experienced...don't let the Eurotrash fool you! These guys are true experts and a show to not be missed.
The Daily SearchCast
Host(s): Danny Sullivan
Time: Tuesday @ 11:30 AM Eastern GMT: -5
Want to keep up with the latest in search news while you're on the go? Check out The Daily's a 10-15 minute recap of the previous day's news. You can find The Daily SearchCast played live here on WebmasterRadio.FM or check out our podcasts here or at The Daily Search Cast Blog.
The Hook with Katie Kempner
Host(s): Katie Kempner
Time: Tuesday @ 2pm Eastern GMT -5
The Hook with Katie Kempner is one of the hottest shows in our outstanding lineup of business radio programming. Katie is VP and Director of Agency Communications at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, The Hook charts the territory where advertising and public relations meet. Each Tuesday, The Hook will host exclusive interviews with the industry's finest advertising and public relations gurus, creatives and journalists to discuss the latest news and strategy in the industry.
Affiliate Marketing Today
Host(s): Jeremy Palmer & Robin Walsh
Time: Tuesday @ 4 pm Eastern GMT: -5
It remains true. Business is all about relationships and this is especially so with affiliate marketing. Each week our Commission Junction hosts share both advertiser and publisher perspectives ranging from basic to advanced on how to get the most out of your affiliate marketing program and often reach out to some of the industry's top players. Listen in, learn what the other side is thinking, and make it a win-win.
The Pulse
Host(s): Barry Schwartz, Chris Boggs, and Ben Pfeiffer
Time: Tuesday @ 5pm Eastern GMT - 5
The Pulse with Barry Schwartz and co-hosts Ben Pfeiffer and Chris Boggs covers search topics that receive the most buzz from within the search community. Each Tuesday, The Pulse will recap those important search topics in a roundtable style format, allowing the hosts to debate and argue some of the latest trends and stories in the search industry.
Net Income
Host(s): Jeremy Schoemaker aka ShoeMoney
Time: Tuesday @ 6pm Eastern GMT: -5
Want to learn how to turn your website into a money making machine? Jeremy Schoemaker aka ShoeMoney will take you on the fast track to understanding contextual advertising, affiliate marketing, PPC, Subscription Sales and more. Net Income will help you bolster your bottom line and meet and exceed your financial goals.
SEO Rockstars
Host(s): Todd Friesen aka Oilman & WebGuerrilla aka Greg Boser
Time: Tuesday @ 7pm Eastern GMT: -5
Join Oilman live every week and have your eyes opened to the wide variety of search engine optimization tactics available to you. Covering the sprectrum from low to high risk methods of online marketing, this show is guaranteed to make your head spin and keep you thinking.
Cover Story
Host(s): David McInnis & Brandy Shapiro
Time: Wednesday @ 2pm Eastern GMT - 5
We're reserving a headline for you. Each week our hosts are joined with public relations powerhouses to share and discuss information which is vital and timely for you to maximize your public relations efforts.
Life Tips
Host(s): Byron White and Melanie Nayer
Time: Wednesday @ 3pm Eastern GMT - 5 President Byron White and Editor Melanie Nayer are your hosts for the LifeTips show, bringing the hottest topics for both consumers and webmarketers to the forefront every week. Special guests include best-selling authors and celebrities who are devoted and determined to their specific niche and offer an in-depth look at industry trends and hints and tips for consumers to tap into. Then, Byron White takes the show to another level, offering webmasters in the online world a sneak peak at how to dominate the industry with the trendiest topics.
NextStuff Now
Host(s): Chris Tolles
Time: Wednesday @ 5pm Eastern GMT: -5
NextStuff Now is hosted by Chris Tolles Vice President of Topix.Net. Each week get a sneak peak behind closed doors to speak with the people who are developing new technology, products and services for the internet. You need to plan ahead for your success...this is where to start!
Domain Masters
Host(s): Monte Cahn
Time: Wednesday @ 7pm Eastern GMT: -5
This is all about learning how to be the master of your rights, domain name monetization, ask questions live from the pro's....all right here on DomainMasters!
ad:tech Connect
Host(s): Susan Bratton and Special Guest Hosts
Time: Thursday @ Noon Eastern GMT: -5
Join ad:tech luminaries and Guest Hosts as they interview top marketing leaders of today in this candid, one hour, web radio program. Listen live or access programs on demand.
Host(s): Susan Bratton
Time: Thursday @ 2 pm Eastern GMT - 5
Industry connector and cognoscenti Susan Bratton combines her bold approach with her playful persona in this edgy talk show filled with famous names and fascinating individuals from the global Web 2.0 and digital marketing industry. Peek into the personal lives of industry thought leaders to hear what really turns them on. Hear titans of industry reveal themselves, not just their business strategy. Hear Suz and her guests' opinions of industry news where they call foul on fodder and give thumbs up to great concepts in online marketing and consumer web services. Hear guests' insightful opinions about what's going on the industry, the real story. DishyMix, the show that proves business IS entertaining!
Host(s): Greg Niland aka GoodROI
Time: Thursday @ 4pm Eastern GMT: -5
Learn something new with Greg Niland aka GoodROI covering all of the basics and then some. The GoodKarma show helps explain topics for newbies and can even help an old dog to learn some new tricks. During the show there will be prizes given away as well as the answers to the newbie questions you were too embarrassed to ask.
The Alternative
Host(s): Jim Hedger
Time: Thursday @ 5pm Eastern GMT:-5
Want to be ahead of the search marketing masses? Here's your Alternative! Join Jim Hedger as he fills you in on the latest search engine news and helps you discover the alternatives in search engines, advertising, revenue and verticals. WebmasterRadio now gives you an alternative to search.
Thats A Wrap
Host(s): Greg Boser & Daron Babin
Time: Thursday @ 6pm Eastern GMT: -5
Ok, so its two of the old-timers, originals in the SEO industry, SEGuru and WebGuerrilla. They are opinionated, they are bold and pull no punches. Expect their opinion of the current landscape in the world of technology, web, and life in general. Expect the dirt on the Search Marketing World and those who work in it. Its all a matter of opinion on this show...but everythings fair game.
Host(s): SEGuru and Brandy
Time: Thursday @ 7 PM Eastern GMT: -5
RainMaker: a person whose presence can initiate progress or ensure success! Guests interviewed on the show are RainMakers, the best of the best of their business segment. Each week immerse yourself in a different facet of online business, ask questions of the experts and hang out and have a great time!
Behind The Scenes @ WebmasterRadio.FM
Host(s): Daron Babin aka SEGuru
Time: Friday @ 1 PM Eastern : GMT - 5
The the inside skinny on the what's happening Behind The Scenes at WebmasterRadio.FM. This podcast is for all you web radio junkies interested in listening to an old SEO fart ramble on about what's cooking in the studio's and around WebmasterRadio.FM. Catch inside scoop on new shows, new site info and details and so much more.
The Fringe
Host(s): DJ Nani Vinken
Time: Friday @ 4pm Eastern GMT: -5
The Fringe, will keep you in the know on what's hot and what's not, tracking the future of cool! Delve into an entertaining journey to the edge. Celebrity designer, TV personality and international DJ Nani Vinken takes you to the fringes of our culture. To a part of our culture, that most rarely see, to entertainment and insight into hip, cool and intriguing parts of everyday life before it occurs. Philosophers idea generators, rule-breakers, social divas, cultural studs.

I recommend you to listen to all of them, they are very informative! BuzzBadge to Webmaster Radio! And thanks to Jeremy Shoemaker!

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