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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Buzzing The 8 Technologies That Save The World

We all know there is something wrong with Mother Earth. We had earth quakes, snow storm, flood... It seems to happen more frequently than before. Something is definitely wrong. We are killing the earth. Unless we do something, we are going to sleep our own bed.

Scientists have come up with 8 technologies that can save us from perils. This post is found via CNN Money, interesting enough!

They include

  1. a household hydrogen fuel pump that allows you to generate your own hydrogen to fuel your car,
  2. an environment sensor network, ball-size, but convenient enough to be embedded in the ground and float above the clouds, sensing environmental elements and report back to tracking centers.
  3. How about toxin eating trees that would suck up toxins from the ground and neutralize them, great trees!
  4. Nuclear waster recycle technology that will seal plutonium tightly away from terrorists and evildoers
  5. Ocean robots, 4-foot long submarines that will monitor water quality, map fish habitats, survey coral reefs...
  6. Sonic water purifiers, by shooting ultrasound into contaminated water, blowing up contaminants and leave behind fresh, clean H20!
I will let you check out the last two for yourself.

CNNMoney, you are dugg!

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