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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Buzzing CSI

Are you looking for a good civil engineering company to offer your expertise to? Throw away Jobstreet (I don't really mean it, Jobstreet is still good), here's is a direct better choice, the CSI, the "#1 Search Firm Dedicated To Civil Engineering".

Who is CSI?
CSI is a team of 14 professional recruiters that eat, drink, bath, talk and sleep with Civil Engineer Jobs and are 100% dedicated to working nationally with Civil Engineering candidates and companies!

At the time of this writing, they have 543+ job openings nationwide(US). They represent over 50 leading Civil Engineering firms, many are international leaders while others are top regional firms. These firms are working on the best projects, have outstanding management teams and offer excellent salaries/benefits as well as a chance for rapid promotion.

If you are looking for civil engineers, contact them, they have the database of candidates. You can easily find the person you are looking for to fill your seat. In fact, they can even custom design a recruiting campaign for your company. Call them up!

If you are looking for a job opening, contact them as well, they have over 50 choice companies for you.

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