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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

BuzzBadge to Video LAN Client (VLC)

Have you come across video or audio files that are in the form of .BIN, .CUE or .PUB? Those are files use for the burning of VCD and DVD. You will get those files types most often than not if you are downloading torrent.

In order to play video that ends with .BIN, .CUE, and .PUB, you need a software to mount that image onto your hard disk so that the the ordinary video players such as Windows Media Player will assume it is reading from a VCD or DVD.

However, here is a better way. Instead of mounting, why not play it directly? Yes you can! With Video LAN Client!

You can download Video LAN Client. It is free, as it is an open source development. After downloading and installing Video LAN Client, you can straight away play whatever types of media files, you name it. It is so useful that it becomes my primary video player now. (although I still use WMP to play mp3s)

Here is a list of all formats that VLC supports.

BuzzBadge to Video LAN Client!

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