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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Buzzing Snap Preview Anywhere

What is Snap Preview Anywhere (SPA)? It is one of the service offered by a new and interesting SNAP search. To explain, hover your mouse over the following links:

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What did you see? A preview! Snap instantly draws you a preview of that link on my blog! It is easy to signup and it's free. After signing up, you are required to install a piece of code into our blog.

Go to your blogger's template, add a Javascript, and paste the code into the javascript window, save and view your blog. There you go. You have an instant snap of thumbnails for all links on your blog.

This feature is important to BuzzBadge as BuzzBadge talks about other sites more than it talks about itself. So having this feature built-in, you can actually see a preview of the site I am talking about without paying the site a visit.

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