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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Buzzing Digg Effect

Have you been to Well, I found that site to be a great place for latest news and announcements. Diggers will submit news or press releases to and they digg it up if it is good.

Evey submission queues in the 'upcoming' section. If a piece of submission accumulates enough of diggs within 24 hours, it will be promoted to the front page of And 'Digg Effect' kicks in.

There are thousands of users on Digg Effect is famous for its ability to crash servers. I had an experience with it. One of my articles was digged to the front page, and suddenly, visitors started to flood in. Within 15 minutes, my site was down. The server failed to balance the unexpected load.

In that day itself, I had 7,800 unique visitors coming to my site for that article!

In order to assess Digg Effect, many diggers setup news page with sophisticated tracking system to track and analyze the traffic. Here is one of the report:


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